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Terms of Service

Please read this Terms of Service Agreement before accessing Goldlist Limited services. This is important because this agreement sets out the basis upon which you agree to conduct yourself as a member of Goldlist (“the Member”). The definition of a Member is either a user or buying Member and a seller or selling Member. Goldlist Ltd (We, Us, Goldlist, Goldlist App)

About Us

Goldlist is a marketplace for individual sellers who run their own business, have their own policies, are responsible for their inventory, product deliveries and agree to comply with the UK law. Goldlist are not responsible for the sellers content, posts, products or any copyright infringement. Sellers agree they are responsible for their content and hold all legal rights to their content and products.

At any time Goldlist may disable product listings, deactivate shops, remove posts or deactivate user profiles if we believe the Seller violates our Terms of Service or are breaking the law. 

All content on Goldlist may be used by Goldlist in promotions or marketing and you grant us permission automatically to do so.


The Members acknowledge that Goldlist is a registered trademark of Goldlist Limited (Goldlist Ltd) and Members should not engage in any activity which may infringe or seek to infringe Goldlist Ltd’s proprietary rights in this regard.

Taxes and Income and Protections

Goldlist grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use our services. 

All users and sellers agree to not break the law. You agree to hold all relevant rights to your content and products plus you have setup the necessary limited company or sole trader organisation with the government in order to legally trade as a business. 

For products which are age sensitive you agree to carry out the age verification checks prior to collection or delivery by the customer. Sellers agree they will not sell any products or services that violates the law or commit fraud.

Sellers are responsible for their income and collecting and paying any taxes due to the relevant governing body.

All users agree to not steal from Goldlist, to not access our source code and all users agree not to try and interrupt our services with any malware virus, similar or any other means of harming the business and its assets such as the website, database and app.

Age restrictions

By completing our registration process you confirmed that you were at least 16 years of age. Please note that if you are under 16 years of age you are not permitted to become a Member of Goldlist. By completing our registration process you warrant to us that you are 16 years of age or older and that you have the full consent of your parent/guardian to register and use our service and that you will be legally bound by the terms of this agreement.  

No member may use our service where to do so would be prohibited by any law or regulation applicable to the legal jurisdiction in which you reside.


If your child is under the age of 16 and has joined using a false age, or you have reason to believe you consent was not properly obtained for any reason, please notify us at and we will immediately cancel your child’s account and remove all their personal information displayed on the site.   

Age Restricted Products

Selling Members and Buying Members mutually agree to abide by the law in respect of selling and purchasing products that have minimum age restriction such as cigarettes, vape and alcohol. It is the Selling Members responsibility to obtain a proof of ID to verify the buying Member is over the legal age to purchase the products. Goldlist Ltd cannot be held responsible for any products purchased or sold without the correct method of identifying the purchasing member or the use of false ID.

Member conduct

● Goldlist reserves the right to terminate your access to and use of our services if, in our view, your conduct falls short of any of the following guidelines:

● Members shall not engage in any activity which may in any be construed as harassment of a fellow user.   

● Members shall not misrepresent their identity or impersonate any person including any employee or director of Goldlist Ltd  

● Members shall not use any words or engage in any activity which is offensive, abusive or racist.

● Members shall not use the Goldlist application or website to post, share, promote, depict, solicit or exchange photographs which are indecent or harmful to minors.   

● Members shall not post content which displays pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind.   

● Members shall not use the service in any way which may be connected directly or indirectly with any illegal activities. For example, but not limited to, starting a riot.

● Members shall not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Goldlist database or computers   

● Members shall not engage in any activity that will lead to the destruction or otherwise interfere with the performance or quality of the Goldlist application and website.   

● Members shall not engage in any activity which is designed to solicit or otherwise obtain another Member’s password or other personal information.   

● Members shall not post any information which creates or may create a breach of privacy or give rise to a security risk to any other Member or person.   

Posting Guidelines

It is our policy to remove all content that we feel is inappropriate for the use of Goldlist App. Here is what you cannot post on Goldlist App:

  1. Ownership - make sure you own the content you post
  2. Inappropriate Images - we don’t allow nudity or sexual content
  3. Spam posts or messages - users should not spam other users via messenger or using spam photos, videos or captions
  4. Breaking the law - Libel, defamation of character, hate speech and terrorism style contact is prohibited
  5. Abuse - bullying, hate speech, racism or threatening posts will be removed 
  6. Violence - posts relating to violence or self harm will be removed


Goldlist will monitor the services to enforce this Agreement, but in doing so does not guarantee that any such monitoring it does perform will be to the Member’s satisfaction. Upon learning of any infringement of this Agreement by a Member, or any other conduct by any Member which is considered by Goldlist to be inappropriate then Goldlist may in its absolute discretion terminate or restrict access to and use of its services to that Member. Alternatively Goldlist may require such Member to remedy any such breach any/or take such steps as Goldlist may require as a condition for the Member remaining a Member. The decision by Goldlist in these circumstances shall be final.   

Member Account and Password

To use Goldlist, you must register an account giving basic personal information, this implies you are authorizing us to access this information and you expressly acknowledge and agree that we may obtain and share your username and multiple profile pictures with other Goldlist users on using corresponding features on Goldlist. Please take precautions to protect your password and contact us at if you believe your account has been accessed by any unauthorized person. 

Each Member is entirely responsible for all and any activities which occur under their account.

Limitation of Liability

Please note the following restrictions apply to our liability to the full extent permitted by law:   

● Under no circumstances shall Goldlist Ltd be liable for any action, claim or demand arising from any Member’s use of the services whether the damages arise from the use or misuse of the Goldlist website, mobile app or any of its services. The Member hereby agrees and confirms that any such claim or claims shall be directed against the Member concerned and not Goldlist Ltd.  

● Furthermore, Goldlist Ltd can not and does not accept responsibility for any inconvenience, loss or distress which may arise as a result of a Member’s inability to use the Goldlist website or any of its services, or the interruption, suspension, modification, alteration or termination or the Goldlist website or any of its services. This limitation also applies in respect of any perceived damage or loss incurred by a Member by reason of other services or products received or accessed through the Goldlist service. 

● The Member agrees that use of the Goldlist website and any of its services is entirely at the Member’s own risk. The Goldlist website and its services are provided on an as seen basis, without any warranties of any kind, including without limitation to the generality of the foregoing any warranty as to merchantability or fitness for purpose of any goods or services purchased or provided via the Goldlist website.   

● Goldlist Ltd in making available certain promotional material via Goldlist to any Member makes no warranty whether express or implied as to the quality or fitness for purpose of such goods or services so offered including as to whether or not such goods or services are appropriate to the Member. The Member shall carry out the usual due diligence before purchasing or partaking of any goods or services.

● Under no circumstances shall Goldlist Ltd be liable for any costs however incurred by the members mobile provider when using the Goldlist application or visiting the company’s website or any website of a third party which may from time to time be linked to the site or application.


In order to keep pace with changes in the law and operational developments, the terms of this Agreement will be kept under constant review and may be changed at any time. An up to date version of the Goldlist Terms of Service is available on the website. See the following link Please note that by continuing to use Goldlist services, Members are deemed to accept not only the terms of this Agreement, but any subsequent modification or variation to it. Although Goldlist will provide notice of any material changes to this Agreement on the Goldlist website, it is the responsibility of each Member to keep up to date with any modifications or amendments. If any Member should become unhappy with any condition of this Agreement or any subsequent modification to it, the Member should discontinue use of the Goldlist service and close their account.   


Goldlist Ltd does not guarantee or offer any form of warranty for any products or services purchased using the application. Members must carry out their own research and due diligence prior to committing to purchase goods or services advertised and purchased on the app. In the event of a defective product the Member must consult the selling Member who both agree to respectfully come to an acceptable agreement. At no time is Goldlist Ltd responsible or required to arbitrate any issue arising between buying Members and selling Members.


If a Buying Member would like a refund, the buying Member must, in the first instance, consult the selling Member by using the chat messenger in the app within 24 hours. The other option is the buying Member visits the shop of the selling Member to request a refund within 24 hours of the order collection or as per the timeframe set by the selling Member on the Goldlist web portal and visible to the buying Member at time of purchase. All refunds must be made via the Goldlist web portal the selling Member uses to manage their shop. Goldlist Ltd are not liable for any refunds processed outside of the Goldlist web portal. In the event of a shop processing a refund, exchange or return outside of the Goldlist web portal Goldlist Ltd are not held responsible and no refund will be made to the selling Member. 

Selling Members must share details on how to return an order and will issue a full or partial refund as soon as it has been received, inspected and confirmed to be in acceptable condition and with any tags attached subject to the item meeting the Sellers criteria. You will need to return it within the number of days set by the selling Member from the date of order, entitling you to a full refund or exchange. All refunds and returns are as per the returns policy set by the selling Member.

Items must be returned in their original condition in order to be eligible for a full refund. Selling Members may not accept the return of items that have been used, altered or personalised.

Selling Members are liable for the transaction fees charged by Stripe which are included within the overall Commission however commission charged by Goldlist to the Selling Member is refundable.

Cancelled Orders (by Shop or Customer)

In the event of a Selling Member cancelling an order the Stripe transaction fees are payable by the Selling Member.

In the event of a Buying Member cancelling an order Stripe transaction fees are payable by the Selling Member.

Campaigns and Promotions

Goldlist Ltd reserves the right to run promotions or campaigns that vary the amount of points earned from referrals or orders for all Members. Members may earn more points during a promotion which may unlock a selling Members offer(s) sooner than otherwise projected, if a selling Member has offers set and visible to buying Members they agree to be included in these promotions or campaigns. At no time shall a selling Member request for Goldlist to remove or change the promotion or campaign and at no time shall a selling Member refuse an order for a buying Member in the event of an offer being claimed using higher points gained from a campaign. Selling Members should use these promotions and campaigns to their advantage to increase sales and customer relationships.


A fee of 7% including VAT (subject to change) is charged by Goldlist Ltd on each sale made by the Selling Member, Stripe card processing fees are included in the overall fee and are subject to change. Goldlist Ltd reserves the right to increase or decrease the fee at their discretion. Goldlist Ltd will do their best to communicate any changes to the fees by email, phone or SMS. Selling Members will be deemed to accept any changes to the fee if they continue to sell on the app after a notification email has been sent.


Payouts to selling Members are made every Tuesday to the Sellers Stripe account linked to the Sellers Goldlist shop profile. The amount of the payout will be determined by the previous week's sales by the Seller and subject to the funds clearing in the Goldlist Stripe account in time, in the event of the funds not reaching the Goldlist Stripe account in time they will be included in the following week's payout. The above mentioned fees are deducted from the payouts. For example: £100 product sold, 7% fee inc VAT of £7, payout amount £93.00. Selling Members can withdraw funds from their Stripe account as they wish. 


We use Stripe to process card payments, you agree to be bound by the Stripe terms and conditions which are separate to these Terms of Service. Please refer to the Stripe website for full details.


Buying Members set their preferred time to collect their order from the selling Member. The selling Member agrees to have the order ready in time for the collection time and date set by the buying Member. In the event of continued delays by either Member Goldlist Ltd will review the performance of their account and can use discretionary action if necessary to warn or terminate their membership.


Shipping may be offered by some selling Members. If a selling Member offers a buying Member shipping Goldlist Ltd are not responsible for collecting payment for shipping or for the successful delivery of this order. All disputes for shipping must be resolved between the Members involved in the transaction. 


Sellers are responsible for delivering the order received within the set timeframe set by the Seller on their profile regardless of how their delivery fulfilment is carried out. Buyers expect all packages to arrive within the set timeframe. If we receive complaints the Seller is not delivering items within the set timeframe we reserve the right to deactivate your shop.

Commission is not charged on the delivery fee.

The delivery fee does not have to be refunded to the Buyer in the event of a refund being processed.

If items you sell are delivered from outside of the UK you agree to pay all relevant import taxes and duties which will not be passed on to the buyer. 

Sellers agree to charge reasonable postage costs and are able to offer Free Delivery over a certain Order Value. All postage costs will be paid for and covered entirely by the Seller within the Delivery Fee amount set on the shop profile. 

Sellers agree to stick the Delivery Label to the package to enable to buyer to scan the QR code to on the Delivery Label to mark the order complete. Any other delivery or postage labels will be stuck separately and not obstruct the Goldlist Delivery Label and QR code.

Sellers agree to update the order delivery progress using the mobile app or web dashboard. 

Sellers agree to input the Tracking URL and Tracking number using the mobile app or web dashboard, this is recommended but not mandatory for items that are posted without a tracking number. 

If a dispatched item does not arrive with the buyer, you will be asked to provide valid proof of dispatch. This must show the address of the buyer provided at the checkout, photographs and tracking information. If a buyer does not receive their order they are within their rights to file a complaint against a Seller which Goldlist will investigate. If this happens on multiple occasions with no valid reason your shop may be deactivated. 

Unauthorised Soliciting

Buying and selling Members agree to not solicit a Member or sale of a product or service outside of Goldlist app, if any Member is found to be soliciting a buyer or product or service Goldlist Ltd may, at their discretion, terminate the Membership without any notice.


A cookie is a string of information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer and that the visitor’s browser provides to the website each time the visitor returns. We use what is known as a session cookie to keep track of a member whilst they are logged on to our site. This is essential to the whole operation of our service. It follows that by registering for the service you are consenting to our use of cookies in this way. For more information about cookies please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

Goldlist Limited is a company registered in England. The operational systems of Goldlist Limited are also based in England and accordingly any dispute arising out of this Terms of Service Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law.

Changes to the terms of service

This agreement was published on 29th March 2022.

We may change our terms of service from time to time. You should check this agreement document occasionally to ensure you are aware of the most recent version that will apply each time you access our service. We will also attempt to notify users of any changes by a notice on the website.

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