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Boost sales today πŸš€

The first social marketplace for ecommerce and retail sellers

  1. Download Goldlist App to create your account
  2. Login to the web dashboard to create your shop and add your inventory 
  3. Use the iOS app to post on your social feed 
  4. Offer unique incentives and discounts  
  5. Build loyalty by owning your customer relationships

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Empowering youπŸ‘†


    • Avoid Cart Abandonments
      Our system automatically reminds customers to complete their order after a certain time
    • Curate your Social Feed
      Impress your followers by posting great content about your shop and products
    • Post Fuses
      Fuses expire after 24 hours, let your followers know what you're up to that very moment
    • Engage Using Comments
      Keep your community alive by commenting regularly on posts
    • Get Trending
      Comments and Likes get your Posts, Products and Shop Trending giving you more visibility

    • Bundles
      Create bespoke Bundles for your customers to help them choose what goes well together
    • Products
      List and Sell your inventory to help shoppers know what you sell
    • Click & Collect
      Shoppers want to collect at a time convenient for you both, now they can
    • Green Mode
      Our most popular feature! Sell Green, Sustainable, Organic, Eco Friendly products to your local customers - they will earn double points!
    • Suggested Items
      Cross Sell at ease by pairing products with others to increase revenue
    • Cart Abandonment Emails
      Three automatically generated emails are sent to buyers incentivising them to complete their pruchase

    • Set Your 3 Offers
      Shoppers earn points when they buy, points unlock offers. Reward them with 3 attractive offers so they keep coming back
    • Repeat Orders With Buy Again
      Shoppers can buy again with one tap, boosting your sales!
    • Customers Earn Points
      Shoppers earn points by making purchases and referring friends, reward them with your offers
    • Chat in Messenger
      Customers can chat with your shop via DM, customer service at it's best! Keep an eye on your notifications

    • Shown on the Shop Feed
      Shoppers find you by searching and filtering, make your profile look insanely good so you get noticed
    • Shown in Map View
      If shoppers are near you, they'll find you super easily using the Map View
    • Search & Locate
      Boost shop visits by being on Goldlist

Flexible options πŸ’ͺ

  • Social Only

    Perfect plan for social posting only
    No credit card required
    • βœ“
      Unlimited Social Posts
    • βœ“
      Chat with Customers
    • βœ—
      List Unlimited Products
    • βœ—
      Create Offers
    • βœ—
      Sell with Green Mode
  • Seller

    Pay As You Sell
    Long Term Promotional Rate. No contract. No fees.
    • βœ“
      Unlimited Social Posts
    • βœ“
      Chat with Customers
    • βœ“
      List Unlimited Products
    • βœ“
      Create Offers
    • βœ“
      Sell with Green Mode
    • βœ“
      150% more visitors than Social Only
    • βœ“
      FREE product promotion on Social Media
    • βœ“
      Goldlist Ambassador Partnership
    • βœ“
      Secure Payouts via Stripe

What our sellers say

People just like you say this πŸ‘

  • It’s free, what have I got to lose! We love Goldlist and so do our customers, they buy hair and beauty products through the app for delivery or click & collect. It's so easy for staff to prepare the order. I would 100% recommend it to other salons or shops.

    Salv Mule, Academy Salons
  • Goldlist is a game changer! It supports independent high street businesses like us. I love sharing updates on fuses!

    Emily, LovesSKIN
  • We have new customers that didn’t know we existed before! As a shop just off the high street sometimes it’s hard to get attention. Uploading products is stress free and easy!Β 

    Angela, Secret Garden

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