Social Media + Websites vs Social Shopping

published on 21 September 2021
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Websites are second to social apps, shoppers don’t search for websites, that takes way too long. Imagine trying to find a new hoodie, how many websites sell them? Millions, so shoppers want an easy route to find their newest ‘fits and may not even care what the website is! Roll in social shopping….a perfect blend between social media and physical shops where 9 out of 10 shoppers are searching for products not shops.

Imagine it, seeing influencers or friends posting and tagging items that are of interest to you, click the product and buy instantly. That’s where we are heading. Simplicity is key and with minimal effort for the shopper. Want to win big? Get social selling!

Instagram, is it up to the job?

Instagram has morphed from a photo sharing app for photographers to a shopping app that still only links shoppers to the sellers website, a disjointed experience purely used to get products in front of shoppers but there’s nothing seamless about it. Thank Facebook for that after paying USD 1 Billion for it in 2012 they wanted to e-com the heck out of the users.

Let’s talk about attention and what's required on Instagram to get any kind of sales traction. First off, followers. How do you get them? Are Instagram users all shoppers or are they just there killing time? Attention is the hardest and most expensive way for shops to market their shop and products, the big guns like Nike compete in the same space so how does a small local retailer compete? The simple answer is they can’t, so is there any advantage to having a social media account apart from simply showing up and playing the game? That’s individual to each of you to work out.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve got a great local following because your shop is unique enough to draw a crowd but then what? Sales! Now using the same app, converting those followers into customers is the next goal, so start a shop on Instagram! Great, now what? Well hang on it only links the shopper to your website, so how's your website looking? Accept Apple Pay? Have you got a swift search/filter/checkout process? If not, wave goodbye to your possible shoppers or even a follower or two. This disjointed link from Instagram to your website could be the first killer that puts off your shoppers, it does me. Let’s just say the current experience is far from ideal for shop owners to be putting so much energy into a platform that is ultimately hit and miss. Let’s not even mention Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat because they don’t come close to social commerce for local shops when all the attention is aimed at viral content only.

TikTok is does that help local shops?

In short it doesn't. Everyone wants to say they had a post go viral on TikTok, the algorithm rewards popular posts that can shoot to a million views in a day but is that helpful for your local shop? Not particularly. Unless you’re happy selling all over the world and have the quantity to do so then you're most likely sticking to a local audience and building relationships with local shoppers who in turn become your brand ambassadors/influencers.

Like Instagram, TikTok welcomes you to donate your hard earned cash in return for some advertising space on their app but is that money well spent? Our advice is try it! But don't expect much ROI.

Ads, the rising cost and your deep pocketed competitors

Everyone hates ads, YouTube is full of them every few minutes, Facebook is littered with them showing you ads for the website you just went on, Instagram ads are every 3 stories, Twitter ads every 3-5 posts - they’re everywhere. Shoppers loathe them but business owners rely on them.

First off, let’s talk about the benefits, well there’s only one, your ad/shop/product gets seen by more people than would see your profile without an advert. Now it’s time to do your calculations for your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). If you spend £100 per day on ads, are you profiting more than £100 per day in sales? If not then you know what to do, stop advertising! If profit outweighs ad spend then go all in! The biggest issue you may come across is the rising cost of ads.

DTC brands dominate the ad space on socials. Brick and mortar shops are also up against these guys and then you have monster retailers such as Nike who have very deep pockets driving up the cost of ads as demand explodes. Can you see how expensive ads can be and how hard it is to fight for enough attention to keep you going? There must be a better option….

How a Social Shopping app like Goldlist will help!

Without wanting to blow our own trumpet, we have thought of it all. Bringing in the best features in one social shopping app.

Let’s summarise what shoppers do on Goldlist to give you an idea of how we help shops get attention, the most important thing to them.

Our motto is FIND, BUY, EARN, SHARE. Shoppers find products locally (and shops if they search for shops), buy their favourite items and collect them, earn points by making purchases and user referrals then share what they love on their social feed. 

Shoppers are rewarded for loyalty to the app, loyalty to the shops, engaging with friends and doing everything shopping related in one app. Considered the purest social shopping app, why? Purpose built to help shoppers find what they want in seconds and shops grow their business with market leading tools.

Remember what we said earlier about algorithms only showing you the same stuff over and over based on your activity? Not on Goldlist.

The Goldlist algorithm works in a way that shoppers control. Shoppers set their preferences, are then shown products that fit their needs, they see other users they may enjoy following, what's trending and all things popular. An algorithm built for a good shopping experience ensures relevance plus excitement without doing anything!

Why’s that good for shops? 

Free Marketing - post on your shop social feed to your heart's content, show off anything you like, tag your customers, watch your posts get trending as they get popular.

Boost Sales - Sell bundles to increase your AOV (Average Order Value), give up to three exclusive offers automatically applied during your loyal customers checkout process, sell sustainable items by using GREEN MODE, tag similar items showing what else your shoppers may like.

Brand Loyalty - shoppers easily buy again at the click of a button, earn points for shopping at your Goldlist Shop, chat with you as much as they wish using the in app messenger ensuring you give first class customer service.

More Footfall - Click & Collect shoppers spend 40% more when visiting your shop, be found on the map, be found in the feed attracting many more visitors to your physical shop building relationships something a website can never do!

Online attention used to be a never ending uphill battle. Now your business has a new lease of life, with no ads, just invest your time!  

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