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published on 26 November 2021
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In this week’s new update video, which you can watch here, we talk about Amazon’s 4-star store, Nu Skin’s ‘Nu’ Acquisition and Facebook launching new metaverse features.

Amazon has brought all the 4-star rated products from the website to Westfield. The shopping centre now provides shoppers with a physical Amazon store that only sells 4-star and above rated products from their top sellers. This approach to bringing Amazon that little bit closer to your face seems to have worked as this is the second 4-star store they opened, the first being in Bluewater. Andy Jones, director at Amazon 4-star UK hopes this will bring “excitement and convenience of this new way of shopping to more customers”.

Last week we mentioned that PayPal tried to acquire Pinterest, well, a different acquisition happened this week as Nu Skin acquired Mavely; a shopping app that allows users to find new direct-to-consumer brands and earn an affiliate commission off each purchase. We are yet to find out how this acquisition will pan out and how Nu Skin will benefit from this but it does tell us that companies are now all looking towards the future and believing in social commerce. "We believe that Mavely's social commerce technology will help simplify and supercharge social selling for hundreds of thousands of Nu Skin brand affiliates," said Ryan Napierski, president and CEO of Nu Skin.

Let’s take a glimpse in the metaverse shall we? Meta (the new name for Facebook Group) announced the launch of two new features on their Facebook app: shops in groups and live shopping for creators. Shops in Groups enables admins of Facebook groups to set up an online store on their associated Facebook Page. It’s up to the admins where this money goes. Yulie Kwon Kim, Meta’s vice president of Product Management told TechCrunch, “​​The money goes to the group admin, and they can decide how they want to use it. This is a great way for people to sustain and keep the group going.” Facebook has had Live Shopping for years but now, instead of an influencer directing fans to another page to watch them sell a product or vice versa, creators and brands can cross-stream on both of their pages to make the partnerships between brands and creators more seamless. Have you used Facebook or any of the Meta apps for shopping?

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be heading to Westfield anytime soon or if you’ll be trying out any of the new features on Facebook. 

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