published on 04 October 2021
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What does that mean for shops?

Independent shops have been scrambling around using whatever social media platform they can to make sales. Hold up, why has the priority of social media gone from photo sharing to Ecom? Ah! I know, the rise of Ecommerce and social shopping, the giants of FB, Insta, Twitter, TikTok all trying to monetise their users by cashing in on commission from sales, can you blame them? This means photo sharing sites are effectively just online shops, excellent for users but in our opinion still confusing and also costly for the seller. Not to mention there’s zero focus on local shopping, they wouldn’t want to encourage that would they!

Roll in Goldlist. The purest social shopping app made with clear purpose from the outset, to help shoppers understand what’s on their high street by seeing products from all shops on one app plus a bucket load of other cool features like exclusive offers for buyers and a leaderboard for those big spenders and top referrers who will  naturally become the shops very own influencers. 

Let’s be clear, Goldlist will one day charge shops a fixed fee per order however there are no sign up fees, no subscription costs and no extra costs for the buyers - just cracking deals and a super convenient way to shop local. But for now Goldlist app is FREE to sell on! What have you got to lose?

Now let’s touch on Green Mode, the easiest way to shop  eco friendly products clearly marked with a green leaf, users just turn on Green Mode with the flick of a toggle on their search page. It’s time we all do our bit for the planet.

Are you ready to get selling on Goldlist? Download the iOS app from the Apple App Store today to setup your shop in minutes. All you need are great photos for your shop and products plus a Stripe account.

Live Chat with us if you have any questions!

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